Following a plant-based diet can help prevent, treat, and even reverse most of today’s chronic diseases. Luckily, we know of these powerful effects thanks to a handful of passionate and famous vegan doctors without whom this huge movement wouldn’t have grown nearly as much as it already has.

Often enough, people who leave the animals off their plates have to defend their diet against those who believe it to be utterly dangerous to be following a vegetarian or even vegan diet.
But not only are millions of people living proof that you can (and probably will) thrive off of plant-based foods only, we have also accumulated a lot of scientific research conducted by brilliant professionals that backs us up, too.

Now that social media is as present and powerful, it’s so much easier to share these findings and learn more about the inspiring people behind the plant-based movement.

Some of them are already over 100 years old and still going strong, many are around 80 years old and still giving lots of talks or writing books – and others are a whole generation or even two younger, standing on the shoulders of these pioneers, while inspiring thousands of people on a daily basis themselves.

There are a few other big names that paved the way with their early research in the beginning and middle of the 20th century and who showed just how much influence one’s diet has on health and longevity. There were Ancel Keys, Nathan Pritikin, Denis Burkitt, and a few more that have been mentioned as our own hero’s heroes.

Not only has it been close to our hearts to put a spotlight on these inspiring individuals and show you where we’ve been getting all of our information from, we would also like for you to consider them for your upcoming research.

From time to time, we receive messages written by people who don’t just require the advice of bloggers, but the attention of medical professionals.

Some of the people listed below offer online or even in-person consultation and there’s a wonderful website called Plant Based Doctors that provides a database of not just MDs but also other practitioners all around the world that would gladly help you out.

So, if you’d like to get a huge dose of inspiration now and delve deep into some research on the benefits of plant-based eating, check out these famous vegan doctors that often prescribe apples, kale, and sweet potatoes instead of blood pressure pills and insulin shots…

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